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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
January Happenings
It's Cool to be a Moose
It's that time again to break out the Cool to be a Moose shirt and party, this time with Frank Torino for one of his rare appearances Tuesday Jan 20th. starting at 5:00 PM. For those of you that want shirts we have a large order due on Tuesday so you can pick your shirt up on the evening of the party. I could tell you that we have a special surprise but we always have surprises so you will just have to come and see what's in store.

Lunch Specials
Featured Lunch Specials for the Week of: Jan. 19th. through 23rd.
Meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes & vegetable
Open faced hot turkey with mashed potatoes
Burger of the day: Piggly Wiggly burger BBQ pork on top of ground chuck
Skillet of the day: tuna melt
Soups of the day: Whitey’s chili or tomato basil

Italian Sausage sandwich
Mahi-Mahi sandwich or basket
Burger of the day: BLT burger
Skillet of the day: Kentucky Hot Brown, Texas toast with turkey, Boursin cheese sauce tomato & bacon
Special of the day: fish tacos
Soups of the day: Whitey’s chili or crab & corn chowder

Liver & Onions
Country fried steak
Burger of the day: sloppy joe burger
Skillet of the day: beef stroganoff
Special of the day: turkey bacon wrap
Soups of the day: Whitey’s chili or chicken & dumpling

Steak sandwich
Crab cake sandwich or basket
Skillet of the day: meatball skillet
Special of the day: stuffed pork chop with stuffing, potatoes & vegetable
Soups of the day: Whitey’s chili or baked potato

Fried fish
Baked flounder
Burger of the day: Onion ring burger
Skillet of the day: chicken Alfredo skillet
Special of the day: pot roast
Soups of the day: Whitey’s chili or clam chowder

Lodge Improvements
We receive questions regarding if we are ever going to connect the two buildings. So I thought an explanation is in order. When we purchased the Event Center one of the things we said was we would do eventually is connect the two buildings. After we remodeled the Event Center the County came along and dug up an old directive stating that we had to fence in the parking lot and landscape. Then the fire department decided that within the next 18 months we have to put sprinklers in the main Lodge. Both of these projects each cost well over $30,000.00. So to all those who want to see the buildings connected the answer is we will do that but after we financially digest the cost of these imposed projects.
We are fortunate to be in very sound financial condition but I will not risk our stability to rush ahead, we will still connect but not until we recoup our outlays for other projects.

Women of the Moose
From My Closet to Yours
The W.O.T.M. are having the second annual My Closet to Yours event. Wednesday Jan. 28th. from 11-7:00 PM. Drop off will be Jan. 26 & 27th. from 11 to 4:00 PM. There will be a drop box in the alcove of the ladies room. Make sure to include some glittery garments for Danny!

Here is the address for the FBMA website, copy and paste it in your web browser. I am working on trying to get a link set up.
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